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Watercolor Workshop with Robert Noreika


Call for Details, (203) 586-1474

Instructor, Bob Noreika
Saturday, September 21
10 am - 4 pm

Let's have fun working with one flat brush for a one-day Watercolor Workshop with Robert Noreika. Robert's relaxed teaching approach has students and professional artists amazed at how to make their watercolor brush dance across the paper while creating a loose and interesting piece. Robert has an incredible ability to spontaneously see the big picture and transfer it onto paper by assessing different values and colors to create a painting, not an illustration. Students will learn to take the essence of the subject and transform it into a pleasing painting, while achieving strong, cohesive value patterns with interesting shapes. Robert's demonstration will include the concept of negative space painting - using 2 warm and 2-cool colors. Students of all levels, including beginners, will enjoy working with Robert in a structured and accommodating, yet humorous and fun atmosphere.

The fee for the 6-hour workshop is $175. The workshop is limited to 10 students and all supplies are included.

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