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Urban Sketching: Southford Falls, Southbury


Instructor, Agnes Wnuk
Saturday, October 10th
9 am - 11:30 pm

"Come sketch the Autumn leaves and a covered bridge in Southford Falls State Park. Students will practice perspective, form and color as we enjoy the lovely Fall foliage". 

What is Urban Sketching? Documenting places, people & events in real time, on location. Plein air sketching inside and outside, locally or while traveling Inside: restaurants, museums, theaters, cafes, schools, public buildings, malls, buses, trains… Outside: cityscape, townscape, landscape,  parks, gardens, seaside, beaches, street scenes. Events inside and out: parades, fairs, meetings, concerts, parties, strikes, art exhibits, library.

This one-day workshop is designed as an introduction to Urban Sketching for all levels of artists. The workshop provides the student with the basic knowledge of Urban Sketching and strategies to make the Urban Sketching experience enjoyable and productive.

There will be a demonstration on how to incorporate gouache into your urban sketching. A primary difference between the gouache and watercolor is that gouache is more opaque than watercolor. ... Due to the transparency of watercolor, the light is able to travel through the pigment and reflect off of the white paper, giving it a luminous quality that differs from gouache's matte finish.

Students should meet in the parking lot of Southford Falls by 9 am. Suggested supplies are:
Paper Towels
Spray bottle
Watercolor Paper/Pad/Book - 140 lb cold press

Rain Date: Saturday, October 24th.

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