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Threads, Weaving Words and Art Membership Program


The fabric of our lives contains the strands of many stories. This project will be a collaboration between art and writing classes that bring those threads to life. The outcome? A published collection of work by Arts Escape Students.





Threads: Weaving Words and Art is a year-long membership program that culminates in a printed anthology of written and visual artwork developed by students at Arts Escape. With the anthology publication and showcase opportunities during the year, the program formalizes what our participants have created. The Threads anthology demonstrates how the arts can bring joy and growth at any age. The 2020 publication will be our third edition.

This year, we have a project theme, Reflections, Gone but Not Forgotten (or another title). This is an intergenerational project that will be presented to local schools in early 2021. Our Threads instructors will design workshops and classes to correlate with the project theme and guide students through a self-reflective journey resulting in the final published book.

Membership includes:

  • Monthly Art Open Studio sessions held on the last Friday of each month with instructors.
  • Monthly one-on-one sessions with Writing Instructors, last 2 Mondays of the month.
  • Complimentary admission to Guest Speakers
  • Discounts for Live Performances
  • Entry into two student shows – May and October (juried)
  • 2 – Showcase events for Thread Members/Friends/Family
  • Copy of “Threads” book which will be published in 2021.

General Registration Information

  • Arts Escape students participating in the Threads Project may submit up to three (3) pieces (written and/or visual) for consideration. Each student is guaranteed a minimum of one (1) published piece at the discretion of the instructors.  Arts Escape reserves the right to edit any written submissions prior to publication.
  • Submissions must be original and unpublished. Work must be created through the Arts Escape Threads Project.
  • Submissions must be received by no later than Friday, November 13.

Cost to join is as follows:

  1. Early Bird Registration (before January 12, 2020) $120
  2. Day of Event Registration: $135
  3. Registration after Thursday, January 31 – $145







“Arts Escape – where creativity and
learning promote well-being.

Priscilla Watson
"Arts Escape provides a calm, supportive environment. Age doesn’t matter. I can see what I’ve taught a 7th grader the same as a senior. It’s an environment where a student is able to do the best thing. They work on projects that vary – they learn concept and ideas. They learn the essentials and are able to use their imagination."