Threads, Weaving Words and Art Membership Program

The fabric of our lives contains the strands of many stories. This project will be a collaboration between art and writing classes that bring those threads to life. The outcome? A published collection of work by Arts Escape Students.


Threads, Weaving Words and Art will be a collection of work being created at Arts Escape. The goal of this project is to formalize what our participants have experienced and created through our programing. The publication will reflect the positive and creative work of our students using the arts as a tool to stay active and engaged. The goal is to share with others how the arts can bring joy and growth at any age.

Threads will be a year-long project with workshops and classes designed by our instructors to correlate with the project. The publication will include written work as well as artwork. We have professional instructors in both art and writing that will guide our students through their self-reflective journey creating a final published book of their collective pieces of work.

We ask for commitments from our students
who want to participate in this journey.




“Arts Escape – where creativity and
learning never get old!

Priscilla Watson
"Arts Escape provides a calm, supportive environment. Age doesn’t matter. I can see what I’ve taught a 7th grader the same as a senior. It’s an environment where a student is able to do the best thing. They work on projects that vary – they learn concept and ideas. They learn the essentials and are able to use their imagination."