Think Like Your Dog!

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Presenter, Mary Ellen Walsh
Wednesday, July 24
11 am - 12 noon

Why Does My Dog Do What He Does?

Why does he bark at the neighbors passing our house?

Why does she jump on my guests and how do I stop her?

Why does he grab my shoe and how do I teach him not to?

Why doesn’t she come when I call her?

Mary Ellen Walsh established The Grateful Dog LLC “Think Like Your Dog” teaching method in 1997 as a non-threatening, non-intimidating method of training made easy by understanding canine behavior. 

Mary Ellen’s “Think Like Your Dog’ philosophy teaches you the non-verbal language of your puppy or dog to establish a new level of communication and understanding with your pet that you never thought possible.

Join us for an informative and entertaining morning as Mary Ellen answers your questions as to “why my dog does what he does?”

Admission is $10 and $15 at the door.

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