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The Mirrorless Camera & Lens Revolution


Instructor, John Munno
Tuesday, February 8th
7 pm - 8:30 pm

Which cameras and lenses are right for you?

Via Zoom

The camera world is changing at a very rapid rate just as it did when digital replaced film. Digital cameras are now pasee and mirrorless cameras are the present and future in photography.  Most companies have stopped making DSLR cameras and lenses and everything is shifting to mirrorless.

Deciding what camera and lenses are right for you is more complex than ever.  In this class the instructor will guide students through the recent changes and trends in mirrorless world of photography. He will assist students in finding the best choice of equipment for their personal photographic journey.

Mirrorless lens technology has taken a quantum leap in the last two years. With companies like Nikon and Canon creating a totally new line of mirrorlesses lenses that have optically surpassed the lenses produced in the last 30 years.   The goal in this class is to aid students with their selection of cameras and lenses.

New Year, New Equipment - Bring your photography to a new level with the latest technology.

The fee for the one-day class is $35. Class size is limited to 8 students. Students must register by Monday, February 7th to receive their Zoom link.

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