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Tea with Mrs. Charles Dickens


Call for Details, (203) 586-1474

Actress, Marci Diamond
Wednesday, December 4th
2 pm - 3:30 pm

Join the wife of Charles Dickens, in period costume, for a festive holiday tea*! Catherine Dickens shares stories about her life, Victorian Christmas and culinary traditions, and what it's like to be married to the most famous author in the world. Mrs. Dickens will even share details of Charles and her favorite bills of fare (menus) and receipts (recipes) from her published cookbook, “What Shall We Have for Dinner?” with her guests. 

 This original, engaging, historically accurate 40 minute show usually is accompanied by Q and A time with the performer,  for a total one hour performance.  Show premiered in Massachusetts in 2016 at the Groveland Historic Society, and was featured at Dickens on the Strand (TX) and the Charles River Museum of Industry in both 2017 and 2018, among other venues. Co-written by J.T. Turner and Marci Diamond, and is performed by Marci Diamond, M.P.A., professional actress (AEA, SAG-AFTRA) and manager of The Actors Company. 

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Tea will be served!

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