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Taking BETTER Photos with your Digital Camera – II


Instructor, John Munno
Wednesday, January 8, 15, 22, 29
1 pm - 2:30 pm

This class follows Getting to Know Your Camera class 1.  It covers more advanced camera use and settings including how to use manual mode.  Students will learn how to use Live View for better exposure, Bracketing, HDR photography, Panoramas,and Tripods. Students will learn various light meter modes, the ins and outs of lenses and which ones are best for your needs.  How to take better photos, using photography guidelines and the rules of composition.  Instruction will be given on; direction of light, temperature, photographing at different times of the day and how the camera sees vs. your eyes to create a compelling and creative photo.

Session 1   Manual mode, Use of the Histogram Live View and other photography methods to address challenging lighting and focusing conditions - Learning to use manual mode and understanding the histogram and zone system to achieve better exposure of your photos. Use of Live View to achieve sharper focus and hard to reach shooting situations. Using various light meter modes to get the best exposure in challenging lighting conditions.

Session 2   Cameras, Cameras, Cameras - With so many different cameras to choose from, deciding on the best camera for your needs can be daunting.  Learn about the various cameras on the market including point and shoots, bride cameras, DSLR and mirrorless cameras, built in zooms, full frame cameras, crop sensor cameras and more.  The pros and cons of each and which camera is best for you.  Tripods and how best to use them. Capturing high contrast scenes with bracketing and HDR Techniques. Taking Panoramas photos

Session 3   All About Lenses - Lenses in some ways are more important than the camera you are shooting with as they can make all the difference between sharp images and not so sharp images.  With so many lenses out there, which are the best ones for your needs. Topics to include.  Prime lenses, pros and cons, zoom lenses, pros and cons, Various lenses from macro lenses, wide angle lenses to zoom lenses and when to use them. Basics of flash photography and when and how to use it.

Session 4  Creating more creative and compelling images-How to take better photos, using photography guidelines and rules of composition.  Learning about light, direction, temperature and time of the day and how the camera sees vs. your eyes to be able to take more compelling and creative photos.

The fee for this class is $100. Class size is limited to 7. This class is available to all students who have previously taken a class with John.

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