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Increase Creativity and Spontaneity in Your Writing


Come explore language and story in a free-wheeling format. If your muse has gone into hibernation, this class will stir her out of her slumber. If your writing is going well but you’d like to incorporate more play into your stories, this class will help you do that.

During this four-week class, instructor Nancy McMillan will introduce you to creativity exercises to open your imagination and crank up your creativity. Students will write during class, preferably by hand, and be assigned optional at-home exercises.

The class is limited to 8 students. All students must register by Thursday, March 4 to receive the Zoom link. Students have the option to take this workshop ONLINE on Zoom or In-person.

COVID POLICYUntil further notice, proof of vaccination is no longer required to attend classes. Masks remain optional.

Please use the drop-down menu when registering for in-person or zoom.