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Demo: A Preview of Oil Painting Foundation Class

In this session, students will see a demo of “One Process: Draw, Compose, Oil Paint,” a step-by-step process to prepare them for Patty’s oil painting class, which will give students a clear path to mastering drawing and color-mixing skills to create a beautiful painting.

Patty will demonstrate and discuss classical color principles from yellow, red, and blue–the source of all color–plus white, as well as showing how lively brushstrokes can transform the simplest composition, derived from a value-based charcoal drawing, into a luminous rendition.

This demo is an introduction to Patty Fogle’s fall oil painting class. Details are forthcoming on the fall class.

*** Masks are optional. All students must be vaccinated.

Patty Fogle grew up west of Boston — later traveled to Europe, East Africa and then to the outer edges of western Ireland, which continue to influence her art.  For the past 15 years, Patty has been a member of the Faculty at the Washington Art Association in Connecticut, where she teaches Masters Classes in Drawing & Painting.

Website: www.pattykevillefogle.com