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Literature Live – Emily Dickinson

with Stephen Collins

A six-week course

Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

September 23 through October 28

Join Stephen Collins for six consecutive Fridays for a seminar on the poetry of Emily Dickison, considered one of the giants of American Poetry along with iconic figures such as Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. Long before women had the right to vote, before the term feminist was widely used, there was Emily, quietly and satirically commenting on the vagaries and inconsistencies of American culture.

We will examine some of her most famous poems as well as some of the less famous, less anthologized one. Participants will discuss and analyze the poems.

The fee for the six-week course is $130. Class size is limited to 15 attendees.

Stephen Collins – Actor/Educator, grew up in Cambridge and received a BA in Literature from UMass Boston. His love of literature, teaching, and performance has culminated a unique teaching style that engages and excites his students to love and understand the written word as much as he does. Recently he has been teaching seminars on Whitman, Hardy, Shakespeare, Frost, and Contemporary Poetry at various locations throughout New England. The newest addition to his repertoire is a one-man show “Sailing Towards My Father” by Carl A. Rossi. Stephen performed the show at Arrowhead, Pittsfield MA, where Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick. 

Stephen also works as a professionally licensed tour guide doing narrated historical tours of Boston. He now has eight one-man shows and seven courses where his teaching style has been described as a hybrid between lecture and performance.

**Our top priority is the safety of our students, instructors & staff. Please note: classes may be cancelled if we feel it is not safe, and your tuition will be refunded.

COVID POLICYOnly fully vaccinated students will be permitted to attend classes. Physical proof of vaccination will be requested on the first day of class (one time only). Don’t forget to bring your vaccination card.