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Get to Know and How to Take Better Photos with Your Digital Camera

Learn how to better use your digital camera’s functions and modes to take more creative and compelling images. **Recommended camera is a digital DSLR or mirrorless camera with various modes and functions.   (No Cell phones)

Session 1 Basic camera functions and using Shutter Priority mode for sharper images and creative effects

  1. Going over basic camera buttons including adjusting diopter to fit your vision
  2. Learning the two functions and buttons of shooting images and the playback and reviewing of images.
  3. Understanding exposure triad of ISO, Shutter and Aperture to achieve proper exposure. Call will focus on shutter priority mode and understanding shutter speed for sharp images and as a creative tool for freezing motion and using creative long exposure photography.

Session 2 Using Aperture Priority mode for controlling depth of field in your images

  1. Understanding exposure triad of ISO, Shutter and Aperture to achieve proper exposure. Class will focus on Aperture priority mode to use depth of field as a creative tool.
  2. Using exposure compensation to fine tune exposure of your images.
  3. If time permits, using histogram and blanks to fine tune exposure.

Session 3 Achieving Proper Focus

1. Using single point focus to take control of the auto focus function of your camera.

2. Using various shutter modes including single shot, multi shot for sports, and self timer mode.

3. How to use the stationary focus mode and moving focus mode for proper focus of stationary and moving subjects.

4. Setting up your camera, changing file size and file formats.

5. Understanding white balance and how to adjust

Session 4 Photography in the digital age

The Digital Darkroom – Taking your photos from your camera to your computer. Ways and methods to store and edit your photos.

Using computer software and editing programs to edit, enhance share, resize and reformat your photos for webs, social media, print and email use.  Learning how to transfer your photos from your camera to your computer or mobile device for storage and editing.

The fee for the 4-week class is $90. Class size is limited to 8 students.
Please let us know which type of camera you are using before class starts. Please send to John at:


COVID POLICY – Only fully vaccinated students will be permitted to attend classes. Physical proof of vaccination will be requested on the first day of class.(One time only) Don’t forget to bring your vaccination card. Masks are optional.

*Students must be registered and paid in full three business days before the start of the class/workshop. Exceptions only with permission from the Director of Fine Art/Photography.