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Soft Pastel – Fur and Feathers


Instructor, Karen Israel
Mondays, December 5 & 12
10 am - 3 pm

Working from your own photo reference (or the instructor’s), you will learn how to paint and draw the animal and create their fur and/or feathers.Karen will demo each day and give personalized attention each day.


soft pastels(Nu pastels and other brands)*SEE BELOW

paper towels

a soft inexpensive brush for corrections on the pastel

optional:  watercolors and a 1/2” flat w/c brush and or rubbing alcohol and a 1/2” flat inexpensive nylon brush.

Suggestions for student pastels;  Students will need a lot of colors in different consistencies and shapes.  The suggestions below are reasonably priced for the quality and can be found at Jerry’s online.

Faber Castell  goldfaber soft pastel set of 72

Nu pastels(about 1.00/stick), single sticks in the following colors: ochre, cordovan, bottle green, spruce blue, black, white, greys, nut brown or cocoa brown

Mungyo Gallery Extra Fine Soft Pastel, Set of 60

Mungyo Gallery Semi hard pastels Squares set of 12

Mungo gallery artists soft pastel squares set of 12

Rembrandts half stick set of 5 (they are about 8.00 for each set of 5)..(yellow ochre , burnt sienna, dark shades, are useful sets

The fee for the two-day class is $195. The workshop is limited to 10 students. 

*Students must be registered and paid in full three business days before the start of the class/workshop. Exceptions only with permission from the Director of Fine Art/Photography.

Karen Israel’s pastel paintings are defined by their dynamic compositions and unique viewpoints. She is influenced by the light and mood of the subject and allows those elements to dictate her approach. These subjects are rendered with a strong appreciation for the rigors of formal design coupled with a fearless array of color choices. In addition to numerous awards, Karen’s work has garnered the honor of Signature Member with the American Artists Professional League, Master Circle with the International Association of Pastel Societies, and Master Pastelist with the Pastel Society of America. Karen is an artist member of the Salmagundi Club, NYC, the Copley Society, Boston, and the Lyme Art Association

COVID POLICY - Only fully vaccinated students will be permitted to attend classes. Physical proof of vaccination will be requested on the first day of class or you may email a copy of your card prior to the class by sending it to: Masks are optional.

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