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Oil Painting Winter Scenes


Call for Details, (203) 586-1474

Instructor, Zufar Bikbov
Saturday, February 2 or Sunday, February 3
10 am - 4 pm

Love it or hate it, snow has always been an inspiration for artists, There are invariably long shadows in winter and these are essential to describing the contours of the landscape under snow. On a white surface, such as snow, the shadows will be the complementary color of the light source.  Have you noticed the color of snow, when sun light glades over it’s surface?  We will discuss the best time of day to paint snow as well.  In this one-day workshop the instructor, Zufar, who was born and studied art in Russia, will guide students through the mystery of painting a winter scene through color and technique to get that cold winter feeling.  Painting snow is a real joy for someone who wants to paint with oils at its most expressive way.”  The fee for the one-day workshop is $165 which includes all supplies. Saturday Class is Closed. Due to the popularity of this workshop we will be holding the same workshop on Sunday, February 3rd.  

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