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Introduction to Photoshop Elements – Lecture/Demo


Instructor, John Munno
Tuesday, March 3rd
1 pm - 2 pm

Bringing your photos to life with Photoshop Elements- digital photography editing software program

Some of the most common questions John hears from his students are, "how do I get my photos off my camera, into my computer, where do I find them, how to edit, share, and print them.  Most people put their photos into their computer and the photos go into the dark hole of obscurity never to be found again. Likewise, when it comes to enhancing your photos most people are at a loss as to where to begin.  If you need to crop a photo, change its size for printing or other applications,  Adobe Photoshop Elements will serve you well!  Adobe Photoshop Elements is the little sibling to its big brother Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an entry level software program that you install on your computer. It allows you to store, catalog, find, edit, and resize your photos. It is user friendly and can be purchased without a subscription for around $100.  It has so many features to make your digital workflow and editing fun and unleash your inner artist. This program also gives you the opportunity to breathe new life into your photos and ride the digital photography wave to new horizons with this easy to use creative tool.

This free lecture will introduce you Adobe Photoshop Elements and show many of the features this program can offer to help you with your digital photography workflow.

Following the lecture/demo, John will be teaching an introduction class for three- weeks beginning on Tuesday, March 17th.

Please call us to make a reservation, seating is limited. 203-586-1474

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