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Introduction to Oil Painting – Back to Basics


Instructor, Patty Fogle
Tuesdays, February 1st- March 8th
1 pm - 4 pm

This class is for those students who want to learn the basic principals in painting with oils. This is also a great class for those students who need to revisit the essential process of oil painting by examining Values, Hues and Saturation. You’ll be painting beautiful artwork in oils faster than you imagined! Cast the mystery aside and let’s get going.

It’s a straight-forward process to follow that leads to solid painting skills you can always count on. You’ll mix your paints from Yellow, Red, & Blue (plus white) that are the foundation of ALL colors. See quickly how basic color science transforms the simplest composition into a luminous space.  These are Classical guidelines with minimal materials to show you the way to a masterful painting. Above all, it’s magical and fun!!

The fee for the six-week course is $240 without supplies and $265 with supplies. Please use the drop-down menu when registering. Class is limited 8 students

*** Mask required.

Supply List:

Paint:  (highly recommend Gamblin, or Winsor Newton)

Oils:  Titanium White, Hansa Yellow Medium (Gamblin) or Winsor Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, & Ultramarine Blue.  All colors will be mixed from the Primaries: Yellow/Red/Blue + White.

Acrylic:  Burnt Umber (for undertone on canvas) only IF you have no time to mix a neutral mid-tone)

Brushes:  Filberts (most versatile) -- #s 8, 10, & 12.

Palette: Wood (and polyurethaned) to see color correctly on mid-tone (12” x 16" preferred), and for easy cleanup — or disposable gray paper palette (12” x 16”)

Palette knife:  Medium

Gamsol mineral spirits (nontoxic): In small bottle, or metal cup (i.e. soup can)

Canvas: gesso primed & toned with neutral mid-tone — 11” x 14” for starters.

Drawing Journal/Charcoal: recommend Bright White/90# Paper & soft vine charcoal with kneadable eraser

Note Pad/Pencil: Class notes

Patty Fogle grew up west of Boston — later traveled to Europe, East Africa and then to the outer edges of western Ireland, which continue to influence her art.  For the past 15 years, Patty has been a member of the Faculty at the Washington Art Association in Connecticut, where she teaches Masters Classes in Drawing & Painting.


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