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Beginning Urban sketching


Instructor, Agnes Wnuk
Wednesday, January 8, 15, 22, 29 February 5, 12
6 pm - 8 pm

What, Where, Why & How

What is Urban Sketching? Documenting places, people & events in real time, on location. Plein air sketching inside and outside, locally or while traveling Inside: restaurants, museums, theaters, cafes, schools, public buildings, malls, buses, trains… Outside: cityscape, townscape, landscape, parks, gardens, seaside, beaches, street scenes. Events inside and out: parades, fairs, meetings, concerts, parties, strikes, art exhibits, library.

This course is designed as an introduction for the Urban Sketching beginner. It provides the student with a skill set and strategies designed to make the urban sketching experience enjoyable and productive. Handouts provide tips and strategies to orient students to urban sketching possibilities. Throughout the class students will develop a sketchbook with examples to use as a reference and guide in the field. The fee for the 6-week class is $210 which includes all supplies. Each student will receive their own sketch book, travel set of watercolors and pens.

Registration is closed. New Class beginning in March.

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