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Five New Year’s “Intentions” for Healthy Aging


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Happy 2016!  My name is Bonnie and I am looking forward to writing our smART Living blog, continuing to give you useful, fun and interesting information through our monthly posts. I hope you will take the time to share with me your likes and dislikes as well as any suggestions and requests about information you would like included in future blogs.

As 2016 is still in its first month I thought a post about New Year’s  “intentions” would be fun and informative.  We all have a tendency to self-inflict pressure with big resolutions and lofty goals for life changes.  I feel it is important to take the pressure off by establishing long term “intentions”, being more compassionate to yourself thus giving you a better chance at success in achieving the goals that matter to you.  Here are five intentions to help you have a fulfilling healthy 2016 and beyond!
  1. Keep Your Body Moving. Everyone knows exercise is good for overall health, but it is also good to help prevent falls by improving balance and strength and may even aid in healing some conditions like diabetes, heart disease or arthritis as well as improving your mood! Some suggested exercises include walking, Tai Chi, yoga, and dancing.  Try it; come join us for our Art in Motion with Pilobolus beginning February 16th!
  2. Keep Your Mind Sharp and Engaged. It is essential to give your brain a workout.  The more you use your mind, the better it will work and will also help reduce the risk of dementia symptoms down the road.  There are numerous enjoyable ways to do this including, crossword or Sudoku puzzles, brain games and trivia on the computer.  Socializing is an equally important component of keeping sharp and engaged. Get out and join a book club (Arts Escape has one that meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month), or a discussion group.   Take a class or even form your own club!
  3. Choose Food Wisely. This one is obvious, but plays a key role in helping you look and feel your best and takes very little work on your part.   Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet; note the darker-colored ones are the most nutritious.   Also helpful is staying away from processed foods as much as possible.  Take baby steps. Don’t completely cut out things you love.  One at a time, add a new fruit, vegetable, whole grain or lean meat to your diet.
  4. Establish Family/Friend Connections. Renewing and/or maintaining a connection with family and friends is a great way to enhance your life with supportive people.  Make an effort to keep in touch on a regular basis with family and friends whether far away or close through social media, e-mail or just pick up the phone!
  5. Give Yourself a Break. With all these good intentions for the year, it is also important to just relax.  Give yourself time to reflect on life and what’s important to you.  Allow yourself the luxury to enjoy the simple things in life, like unwinding in a warm bath or just relaxing in the mornings with your cup of coffee, looking out the window at the beautiful sky.  The chances of sticking to your goals/intentions will also increase if you allow yourself time to unwind when needed!
One thing life has taught me, whether you have small or big goals, the key to happiness is simple; do more of what makes you happy and that includes letting go of the goals that don’t work out, guilt-free!

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