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Fighting Memory Loss


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rink edited Early in July, BBC News Magazine released an article titled, “What’s the Best Way to Fight Memory Loss?” The piece summarized a study given to three groups of people over the age of 40 to test out different methods of increasing memory and strong brain activity. One group had to exercise regularly every week, another worked on various types of puzzles, like crosswords and Sudoku, and the last participated in an art class. These are vague descriptions, but you can read the article for the full story. We’re here writing about this piece to discuss memory and how it often dwindles with age. The BBC article concludes that engaging in creative arts brings you one step closer to improving your memory and, in turn, your confidence. I find this an important piece to read because as an artist, I find that sitting down (or in the article’s case, standing up, as exercise does help with memory improvement) and letting my creative side do the work is a great means of full concentration. If you want to be creative, the best “you” can come from allowing your entire self to indulge in your art. Find the place where you can relax, where nothing can distract you from fully concentrating on your work. Focusing on the details, your best work can result from taking a few hours a week to create. And it goes to show that this craft has positive long-term effects, like increased memory enhancement. As the article states, it’s your short-term memory that goes a long way in terms of how your life can be affected by the small things in life. Remembering names, dates, and so on build confidence on its own, leaving you feeling generally good about yourself. All of this can sound obvious in hindsight, but it’s important to take this article for its bluntness: our memory gets worse as we get older, but there’s a way to prevent that, if not completely. If you’re not much of a creative person, that’s okay too. But consider taking a painting or drawing class once in a while. Learning a new skill is a good player in strengthening memory. Also, taking a class will bring you closer with others who are also taking interest in learning new things, thus forming new bonds and friendships. Social activity is a good proponent in memory building as well. Here’s to being creative, and here’s to creativity being a positive effect on various parts of our lives!

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