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Field Photography Workshop


Instructor, John Munno
Tuesday, October 20th
4 pm - 5 pm

Autumn Reflections on Lake Elise Middlebury, Connecticut

Fall in New England is magical time of the year with leaves turning colors of gold and red, morning fog in meadows, and mist over lakes and ponds.  Colorful reflections are cast upon lakes, ponds and streams while leaves shine brightly against skies of blue.  It is an amazing time to capture this magical yet fleeting time of the year.

Connecticut is a prime state for fall foliage in its many myriad expressions.  Come join photographer John Munno in his fall foliage, Autumn field workshop.  This workshop is designed to provide hands on practical instruction and lessons to help take your photography skills to the next level.  Workshops will be held in great locations so students can experience the changing of the seasons and Autumn splendor.


Placid waters of lakes and ponds become great mirrors reflecting Autumn colors.  Smaller ponds and lakes in general are more sheltered and protected allowing for foliage to stay on trees longer.  This workshop will focus on capturing the colors of fall in the golden hour.

Location: John A. Largay Memorial Preserve
Lake Elise, Middlebury, Connecticut (detailed directions will be sent prior to workshop via email)

The fee for the workshop is $35 and limited to 10 students.

Masks must be worn during instruction.

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