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Field Photography Workshop, Bellamy-Ferriday House and Gardens


Instructor, John Munno
Thursday, May 13th
4 pm - 5:30 pm

Bethlehem, CT

Spring review and refresher.  Back to basics and your photography factory reset.  New beginnings and a fresh new start for your photography skills.

The gardens at Bellamy-Ferriday House in Bethlehem will provide a smorgasbord of photography subjects to practice on.  There will be Arts Escape students painting in the gardens as well as flowers, macro photography, landscapes and architecture.  The late afternoon lighting should make for great photos and the relaxed and peaceful environment will be a welcome break from the noise and ruckus of the world. 

This is a great class to attend if you are feeling a bit rusty and out of practice, or if you are having trouble getting the results that you are trying to achieve. At the same time all levels of photographers are welcome as there will be lots to learn and photograph.

Subjects to be covered:

Photography in the real world “Hands on practical” training covering the foundational aspects of taking exciting photos.

1) Exposure:  Aperture, Shutter and ISO which modes to select use, why and how?

2) Focus modes: Stationary and moving subjects.  How they work and which ones to choose?

3) Focus point selection: A seldom understood but most important aspect of achieving sharp images.   The many focus area modes what they do and how they work and which ones to choose?

4) Lenses:    Understanding focal length and which lenses to best capture the scene and tell the best story for your images.

Subject emphasis will be flowers, portraits, landscape and architectural photography in the gardens

The fee for the one-day workshop is $40 and class size is limited to 12 students.

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