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Expanding Your Paintings


Instructor, Anda Styler
Thursdays, January 6th - 27th
2 pm - 5 pm

Pushing your paintings beyond the OBVIOUS - Small to Large

This class is designed to teach students how to take a small painting and transfer the image to a larger canvas creating a totally different feeling in their work. Students will paint their initial painting on a standard size canvas, board or aluminum in the first two classes. The process of learning to expand a small painting into a larger painting will be the last two classes. Students will learn how to enlarge their painting by expanding the horizon and skyline while maintaining the focus on the focal point of the small painting.

The fee for the four-week class is $225.00

Students are able to purchase large canvases using the drop-down menu when registering.

COVID POLICY - Only fully vaccinated students will be permitted to attend classes. Physical proof of vaccination will be requested on the first day of class.(One time Only) Don’t forget to bring your vaccination card.

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