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Breathing Space: Exploring Collaboration Across

Art Forms
Thursday, April 20th
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Arts Escape ~ 493 Heritage Road ~Suite 4C ~ Southbury

Please join us for a panel discussion and Q&A with WCSU students and teachers who have collaborated on a student project involving visual art generated by poetry, then participate in a short writing exercise inspired by visual art produced by the Arts Escape community.

Original broadsides (posters) will be on display.

Hosted by Arts Escape and Western Connecticut State University.
Refreshments / Free

Check out the 2022 “Breathing Space” digital book HERE. (Scroll down on left column.)

“Arts Escape – where creativity and
learning promote well-being.

Susan Smith
"I discovered Arts Escape by attending a Gershwin concert and got hooked, then started with the beginner drawing classes. The instructors gave me my confidence. Arts Escape is half my social life for the week. I like being with people with like minds. I enjoy the variety of classes – there is a diverse menu of choices. The teachers don’t let you become self-critical – they constantly bring out your potential."