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Discovering the Art of Oil Pastels


Call for Details, (203) 586-1474

Instructor, Dita Carley
Mondays, January 7, 14, 21, 28
2 pm – 4 pm

Oil pastels have a lovely creamy quality when applied to a surface, feeling (and looking) somewhere between lipstick and crayon. They are made with wax and oil, so they always stay workable, but do dry enough to be stable, and stay on the surface fairly well. Oil pastels can be applied on just about any surface, whether absorbent or non-absorbent, matte or glossy, smooth or textured, painted or unpainted. This class is for those students who would like to experiment with this unique medium without making the investment to purchase them. The first two classes will focus on experimenting with exercises and learning some techniques about layering color to blending colors.  Once students master some basic techniques and are comfortable they can work on their own painting with guidance from the instructor. Featured Artwork: Student Work – Gene Willingham

The fee for this workshop which includes all supplies is $130.  Class size is *limited to 8 students.

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