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February Morning Theorem


Instructor, Jean Hansen
Tuesday, February 4th
10 am - 1 pm

This workshop is for everyone and NO artistic talent is needed. This is the opportunity to learn a painting technique that dates back to the late 1800’s woman of “means.” Each student will receive their own kit which includes all stencils and the material to stencil on. Stencils are for the students to take home following the workshop. This stenciling technique is NOT the country stenciling that was so popular years ago. Theorem painting is a fine art, “decorative painting,” where the finished product looks like a fine art painting. Jean owns the stencil company and these are her original designs. Continuing students can pick their own stencils through Jean directly. The fee for this workshop is $70 for beginners and students who wish to purchase a stencil. For returning students who don't need a stencil, the fee is $45. Please use the drop-down menu when registering for the date and supplies. Registration is closed.

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