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Creative Aging Matters, part 3


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Returning once more to the research of Karen Kaplita, the topic of sensory stimulation arrives, which delves into the idea of challenging the brain in a positive way through art and other means of creative expression. Engaging in any sort of visual, physical, literary, or other types of art offer sensory stimulation. They keep the mind active and open to different aspects and viewpoints of life. Healthy thoughts come from a healthy brain. Understanding complexity, ambiguity, and problem solving contribute to exercising the brain through “cognitive challenge.” “Research demonstrates that the imagination and creativity of older adults can flourish in later life,” Kaplita writes. “The creative process assists people in using their senses to tap into and express their imagination and creativity by facilitating a mind-body connection.” Keeping the mind and body working together as one is a good way to increase psychological and physiological health, as Kaplin understands in her writing. The brain is still a tough subject to fully understand, and scientists today still work hard to study brain improvement in terms of outside stimuli, like experiencing and experimenting with art. “It is becoming clear that cognitive decline is not inevitable as we get older. Arts Escape offers a variety of programs that attempt to promote overall well-being and smART living.” Well said, Karen! Many types of art do provide challenges that we try to understand in different ways. The universality of forms like writing and visual art make it so everyone can have a separate, individual experience when analyzing a piece, whether it be for leisure or research. That’s the true beauty of creating; one thought process can ignite so many more. Anything that stimulates, anything that gets the gears turning in a creative manner has to be healthy for the brain. They can inspire motivation in any venue of life, even in those who don’t consider themselves creative. People can come to realizations about aspects of their lives and find solutions to problems they may be having. Art’s elasticity is truly a treasure. I hope you enjoyed our posts responding to Karen’s research! Her pieces are seriously thought provoking and insightful. Look out for more from Arts Escape on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages, and be among the first to hear from us about new events and programs by joining our email list! Just click the “Contact” tab on our website. More blog posts to come soon!

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