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Autumn Field Photography Workshop


Instructor, John Munno
Wednesday, October 19th
8 am - 9 am

Janie Pierce in Southbury

This Wednesday John Munno’s Fall foliage workshop promises to be inspirational and instructional. You will meet at the Janie Pierce Park in Southbury

200 Transylvania Rd, Southbury, CT 06488 Learn the tips and tricks to capture these magic moments.  The class will focus on lens selection and focal length, camera settings and pointers for finding and capturing such beautiful locations. Other topics include panoramas and HDR techniques for capturing the dynamic range of the scene.
Class will focus on longer focal length zoom lenses from 200mm and up but bring the various lenses that you have.  Also, a tripod is recommended to better aid composition and to help reduce any blur from hand holding the camera.
 John will not be teaching another fall foliage class this year so he encourages you to attend this class if you can.  

The fee for the workshop is $45 and limited to 10 students.

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