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August Morning Advance Colored Pencil


Instructor, Rita Paradis
Tuesday, August 18
10 am - 12 noon

This workshop is designed for those students who have completed the beginner and intermediate workshops and have the instructors referral to move to the Advance Workshop. Students will continue to learn more tips and techniques for working with this versatile medium.  Students will work on their own projects independently. 

We are offering an afternoon Advance workshop too. Please see other class listing.

The fee for this 2-hour workshop is $35 and students are required to bring their colored pencils to class. Colored pencils can be purchased at the Gallery if needed. 

Workshop is limited to 6 students. All students will be required to abide by the the CT state guidelines for small group gatherings.  Those guidelines will be sent to each student prior to the first class.

**Our top priority is the safety of our students, instructors & staff. Please note: classes may be cancelled if we feel it is not safe, and your tuition will be refunded.

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