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All About Lenses: A Photography Workshop


Instructor, John Munno
Wednesday, April 26
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Evening Class

The lens you choose is in many ways more important than the camera you buy. Your photos can only be as good as the lens they are taken through. A great camera with a crummy lens will give you unsatisfying photos, yet a crummy camera with a great lens will give you photos you can be proud of. Lenses also capture the world around you in different ways. As the eyes are the window to the soul, the lens is the window to the world.  

The topic of lenses can become overwhelming. There are so many lenses to choose from and sorting through the mumbo jumbo of lens terminology such as focal length, prime, zoom, telephoto, macro, wide angle, etc., can be confusing. Lenses can be a major investment, so knowing which lenses will best cover your photography needs is important. And knowing which lenses to use to tell a story with your photos is critical.

In this class, the instructor will review the ins and outs of lenses to help you choose what lens or lenses are the best for your needs. You will see lenses in a whole new light and know which ones to purchase for your needs. 

The fee for the class is $45
Class Limit is 20 students.

COVID POLICY: Until further notice, proof of vaccination is not required to attend classes. Masks remain optional.

*Students must be registered and paid in full three business days before the start of the class/workshop. Exceptions only with permission from the Director of Art and Photography Programs.

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