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Acrylic Painting Class – Step by Step


Instructor, Anda Styler
Mondays, March 22, 29 & April 5, 12
2 pm - 4 pm

Via Zoom

The four-week class is for all levels of painters, especially the beginner student. The instructor will send a weekly photo image and value study of the image to give students the layout and the values of darks which create the lights…. students will begin step by step painting from those reference materials in class.

Each class the instructor will explain the color mix and shift in the color mixes using a limited pallet - students will use a limited pallet ….no greens!!

Learning to mix greens and create them in different shades will balance your painting in many ways…and give overall harmony to your work. But if you prefer use the pallet of paints you are familiar with that's Ok too. This is just a different approach.

Every subject matter will be different and challenging - you will see possibilities in these photo images and learn more about the light and the drama of there landscape…the learning possibilities are tremendous - and you can expand in both knowingness and understanding of landscape painting….learning to see possibilities is a gift that can help you see your own possibilities in your photos….and create!! YES!

The fee for the 4-week class is $160. Class size is limited to 8 students.

Suggested Princeton Catalyst Brushes

Ultramarine Blue
Thalo Blue/ Green Shade
Raw Umber
Transparent Brown Oxide
Paynes Grey
Cad. Yellow Med
Diarylide Yellow
Raw Sienna 
Yellow Oxide (not Ocher)
Quinacridone Burnt Orange
Cad. Red Light
Cad. Red Med
Titanium White
A Masterson's Stay-Wet-Palette is strongly recommended - size 12x16 

Anda Styler - Artist/ Instructor Anda lives in Sherman, Connecticut and has been painting in oils and acrylics since she was 16. Acrylics, however, remain her favorite medium. Anda graduated from the Parson School of Design and has been devoted to her art ever since. She has many accomplishments in the art world, including interviews with both local and national publications, such as American Art Collector, Who’s Who in America,Country Gardeners Magazine, Victoria Magazine along with numerous awards and recognitions for her work as a painter.
Anda’s paintings and techniques are published in two books by North Light Publications. Her works are currently represented by several galleries in and around New England and to her credit, she has had many one-woman shows with great success. Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago is lucky to have four of her large paintings in their permanent collection.

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