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Creatively Quarantined

In the past few days, we have been forced into a much slower pace of life, and given, the gift of “Quiet Time”.  Honestly, this can be a period of new found growth and reflection, a time where we can connect again with loved ones, slowdown from the normal hectic pace that life throws at us daily, breathe, rest and nurture our inner souls.

With that in mind, Arts Escape invites each of you to break away from the constant bombardment of news about the virus and stock market to focus on hope, positivity and creativity.   To that end, we are proposing a project called, “Creatively Quarantined”.

The premise is simple. 

1). Arts Escape has created a new Facebook Page called Creatively Quarantined

2). If you belong to Facebook, you can join this group where our current instructors will provide daily prompts for activities/instruction that you can partake in as an artist and/or writer.   You can then share your works on this site.

3). If you don’t belong to Facebook, we will help you join.  Don’t worry…it’s easy!!

Our hope is that we can all remain hopeful, creative and optimistic together during this very uncertain time and still keep our creative juices flowing.  Once this unprecedented time in all our lives has passed, Arts Escape will hold a student showcase for our students to share their written and visual works that were created during this time.  This will be a powerful testament to each of you, your talents and staying connected at a time when we need to most.

If you are interested, just go to this link for more information.  If you need help signing on to Facebook, please email us as at and someone will be happy to help you get on Facebook.

Together we are stronger and more creative!  Let’s get through this time together!

“Arts Escape – where creativity and
learning promote well-being.

Priscilla Watson
"Arts Escape provides a calm, supportive environment. Age doesn’t matter. I can see what I’ve taught a 7th grader the same as a senior. It’s an environment where a student is able to do the best thing. They work on projects that vary – they learn concept and ideas. They learn the essentials and are able to use their imagination."